October 1, 2015

For anyone who has recently bought a vehicle, the law clearly states that it is your responsibility to ensure that it is kept in an acceptable condition and is roadworthy at all times. This is what a Warrant of Fitness is designed for.

A Warrant of Fitness is necessary by law for all cars on Kiwi roads. Along with a WoF, you also need to display your registration. These two things are a legal requirement and if you can’t provide these things when asked by an official, then you may be liable to a fine or even prosecution by the transport authorities.

A Warrant of Fitness is not the only legal responsibility you have when it comes to Kiwi roads…

  • As a vehicle owner in New Zealand you are legally responsible for the vehicles maintenance through regular car servicing.
● Those vehicle services should be performed regularly by qualified and licenced auto mechanics.
● Important components like lights, engine oil change, tyres and seat belts should comply with the WoF guidelines provided by the transport authorities.
● All spare parts must be replaced immediately when damaged as per the requirement of the Warrant of Fitness.
● Always display a valid Warranty of Fitness on your vehicle.
● If you are taking a rental car, it is your responsibility to ensure that the company gives you an up-to-date Warrant of Fitness.
● You should also be up-to-date with your knowledge regarding the Warrant of Fitness.

We always advise checking with your mechanic regarding any recent changes in the laws concerning the Warrant of Fitness guidelines. You can also visit the Transport Authority website and check out the latest rules and regulations yourself. just remember, if you are ever in doubt that your car is roadworthy, always have your mechanic check it out.