October 1, 2015

Radiators are one of the most important elements in your vehicle so making sure that it is always in tip-top condition is crucial to your car’s health. One of the main problems that your radiator can have is a leak. When this is not taken care of immediately, it can lead to a series of other major problems which will damage your car and make it necessary for you to spend a large sum of money.

The Results of a Leaking Radiator

Leaking radiators can become a major hassle unless they are quickly attended to. Here are some of the problems that crop up because of leaky radiators:

  • You will lose all the coolant in your engine
  • Overheating of the engine will occur
  • The block in your engine will crack or get severely damaged
  • The engine head will crack
  • There will be a meltdown in the engine, causing your pistons to fuse to the walls of the cylinder

All these problems can lead to serious damage to your engine and you will have to eventually get the whole thing replaced as mere repairs may not permanently fix the problem. Without an engine in good condition, your vehicle will not function smoothly. This is why it is imperative to get a leaky radiator checked by the team at Auto Super Shoppe Mt Wellington immediately.

When radiators leak, our mechanics will check other parts of the engine as well so that they can tell which ones have been damaged due to the leak. If you have this problem, get your car to the Auto Super Shoppe Mt Wellington and get your radiator checked by experienced professionals.