October 1, 2015

Your automotive service has never been so advanced and fine tuned as it is now. With the introduction of transmission maintenance services, automotive repairs have now entered the lowest possible cost bracket.

What is transmission maintenance service?
It is a state-of-the-art service technology that enables the mechanics at Auto Super Shoppe Mt Wellington to check, flush and clean the car’s transmission system thoroughly. It includes:

  • Fully replacing transmission fluid
  • Cleaning out dirt and abrasives
  • Filter replacement
  • Replacement of pan gasket
  • Ruling out engine leaks

It is a comprehensive service for every kind of automotive that helps in bringing down automotive repair costs by large degrees.


  1. Restores power between clutches: this reduces slip and heat generation by ensuring proper lubrication and dissipation of heat. It ensures a longer clutch plate life.
  2. Reduces wear caused by stray metal shavings: the flushing action of transmission maintenance services gives longer life to engine parts by cleaning stray bits and pieces of metal and clutch.
  3. Improved friction: By using transmission maintenance service, the automotive enjoys a much longer repair-free life as the lubrication of fresh fluids smoothes friction and reduces the build-up of heat inside the engine.
  4. Better transmission: With regularly changed transmission fluids, the automotive has a better chance at the longevity of the transmission system. Its repair or replacement can be prevented with regular checks.
  5. Better filter health: With the transmission maintenance services removing most of the dirt and abrasives from the internal filters of the engine, the automotive has better external filter health as minimal amounts of dirt actually reach them