May 12, 2016

Car Servicing is an essential component of stopping our car from suddenly breaking down on us. Unfortunately, many people think that because they’ve had their Warrant of Fitness, then car servicing isn’t a necessity. Some people may find it surprising that the two aren’t the same, and having a Warrant of Fitness doesn’t mean you can skip on car servicing.

Look at it this way; a Warrant of Fitness is simply a way to make sure your car isn’t a danger to others on the road for at least the next 6 months. It’s a quick check up of the major systems and components of your car, but it doesn’t go into too much depth. Car Servicing looks into your vehicle more systematically, identifying little problems that could turn into big problems in the future. And of course, as we all know, the bigger the problem, the bigger the bill. Finding out through car servicing that your brake pads are wearing down and have to be replaced soon at least gives you time to budget and save for the repairs. If you’re simply driving along and waiting until your car fails its WoF, then you’ll suddenly have a huge invoice in the mail.

How often you should go for a service depends on the age, condition and annual mileage of your vehicle. If your car is over ten years old or you do more than 10,000 kilometres a year, then ideally, you should be booking in for a vehicle service every 6 months. A younger model or infrequent use, then once a year should be fine for a comprehensive car servicing.

Even basic car servicing can make a huge difference. A basic service will usually include an oil and filter change, a brake check, fluid change (washer, anti-freeze etc) and anywhere up to a dozen other crucial component checks. Bring your vehicle in today for a proper car service, even if you’ve recently had a Warrant of Fitness.