October 1, 2015

Many people think they don’t need to book in for a car servicing when you’ve just passed the WoF. Well, those people are wrong. A Warrant of Fitness and car servicing are two very different things…

Think of it like this- you need a medical exam for a job. You go and the Doctor says your blood pressure is a wee bit high and you’re slightly anaemic, but you’re ok to do this particular job. That’s what a WoF is. It’s a quick check up to make sure you’re legally allowed to drive on New Zealand roads, but it doesn’t fix any underlying problems. Car Servicing on the other hand, is like a full medical check-up and then the Doctor puts you on blood pressure tablets and gives you a course of iron injections to help with your anaemia. It’s an essential part of owning a car, and here are 3 reasons why you should come in for regular car servicing.


Regular car servicing will help keep you, your family and other road users safer. It’s less likely that something will go wrong while cruising along the motorway at 100 kph. Brake failure, a blown out tyre, the engine overheating… these are all things that are reduced significantly with regular car servicing. And when you’re cruising along at 100 kilometres per hour and something goes wrong, you suddenly remember just how fast 100 kph actually is. Especially if you’ve got kids in the back.


Annual car servicing will find any problems with your vehicle before they turn into something more serious. Remember, prevention is better than cure. When things become serious, they become expensive. Have your brake pads fixed now they’re worn down a bit, rather than having your entire calliper replaced because it overheated and warped due to driving on worn brake pads.


You may know how to check your tyre pressure and change your oil, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert in car servicing. There are simply some things that only a professional, qualified mechanic can do, and that’s why you should always book your vehicle in for a full service, rather than a patchy DIY job at home or bring your car round to a mate because he watches Top Gear.

Call Auto Super Shoppe Mt Wellington today and book in for a full car servicing package.